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Oral tradition gives us our scant knowledge of our Family history.

Brice and his two brothers were kidnapped from their home in Africa and forced into slavery.

We have no record of the terror and hardship they endured on the long journey to a North Carolina port.

The three children were sold separately to different masters in different places.

Brice was sold to someone in Mississippi.  Where he was a slave on a cotton plantation  About forty years later, after the Civil War, he was "freed".

Brice took on a wife who could read and write, that taught him how also.  Her name was Pathenia Connolly, who came to this county from Ireland before the Civil War.

Their first child was born in 1844.  When the Civil War ended Brice had his freedom and the need of a last name, we have been told that his brothers took the name of their master, becoming Tom Evans and Ban Butler.

Brice did not want his master's name.  His wife Pathenia said, "We know mine, take  mine".

Connolly became our family name.  Brice and Pathenia had eleven children in all.  We are descendant from their third child Wyatt.  Wyatt married Sharlett Jeeter and assembled more than three hundred acres in Arkabutla Mississippi.                                                          (From Family Reunion Handout 1994)